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SEO and Branding

Search Engine Optimization

SEO services are crucial for a successful online business and include services like keyword rich content and link popularity.

Considering the intense competition online, it is quite obvious that an online business needs to reach their target consumers to thrive in the huge Internet fraternity. For webmasters, it wouldn’t be surprising to say that search engine optimization (SEO) is among the foremost requirements for a successful online business. A website which is not optimized would certainly be more or less non-existent, let aside the profits that will be earned by it.
SEO services in India can primarily be divided into two categories – Off page and on page services, nonetheless the main objective of all these services is to place the website in top search engine rankings.

A website designed while keeping SEO requirements in mind can fetch you lucrative results as it draws more relevant traffic being in the higher SEO rankings. Content also holds great importance as one of the most crucial SEO techniques.

Not only it should be original and relevant, but enriching it with relevant keywords is also an essential requirement for an optimized website. Though it may sound simple at this time, but research and analysis of keywords involves a lot of investment of time and efforts, assigning the task to SEO professionals would therefore be a smart move. Meta tags and Title optimization also helps to attain higher SEO ranking. Submission with search engines is another of the SEO services that is made available.

SEO services involve linking your website to other websites that share the same theme and have a good SEO standing. There are various kinds of links that can be established such as one-way links, reciprocal or exchange links, and many others.

Relevant links not only enhances the search engine ranking of a website, but also increases the visibility of the website through the Web world and ensure more relevant traffic. So, if you look forward to the successful future of your online business, there is no way in which you can escape the SEO services in India.

In fact, it is advisable that you keep SEO services in check from the very first day of your planning for your online business, else optimizing a website at a later stage may mean designing it all over again, which may cost you even more.

Strategic planning of SEO services is essential for a higher ROI of an online business or ranking among the search results. Employing White hat techniques is advisable when it comes to optimization of a website even though it may require a lot of patience and time as it assures the success of your online business in the long run.


Black hat techniques like link farms must not be a part of SEO services in India as it may give you an instant higher ranking, but once tracked by Google the site will permanently be banned from the search engine listings. So, make sure that SEO services used by your SEO professionals are completely ethical, or else you might not even get any warning before your site is blacklisted from the search engines.


Search Engine Optimization Services


Search Engine Optimization Services





Time Cost

14999 INR Per Month

9999 INR Per Month

4999 INR Per Month


Time Duration

Minimum 6 Months

Minimum 6 Months

Minimum 6 Months


Task Details



Basic Analysis of one Website

20 pages

15 pages

10 pages


Detailed Analysis Report

20 pages

15 pages

10 pages


Keywords Analysis

20 keywords

15 keywords

10 keywords


Analytics setup





Meta tags Creation

20 pages

15 pages

10 pages


Directory Submission including Dmoz





Blog Comments

100 submissions

80 submissions

60 submissions


Google Site Map





Yahoo Site Map





Social bookmarking Submission

120 submissions

100 submissions

60 submissions


Article Writing

4 articles

3 articles

2 articles


Article Syndication

60 publishing

50 publishing

40 publishing


Blog Post Writing

4 posts

3 posts

2 posts


Blog Creation & Posting

60 submissions

40 submissions

20 submissions


Press Release Content writing

1press release

1press release

1press release


Press Release Distribution

20 submissions

15 submissions

10 submissions


Yahoo Answer

20 submissions




Blog Directory Submission

30 submissions

25 submissions

20 submissions


Search Engine Submission

40 submissions

30 submissions

20 submissions


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds

60 Submission

50 Submission

40 Submission


Profile Listing

5 Submission

5 Submission

5 Submission


Product Review Submission

10 submissions

6 submissions

3 submissions


Document Submission

5 Submission




Social Networking

10 Creations 

5 Creation

3 Creation 


Clasifieds Submission

80 Submissions 

60 Submission 

40 Submission 


Forum Postiong

40 Submission

20 Submission

10 Submission


Link Building

20 links 

15 links 

10 Links 


Total Cost

18000 INR Per Month

12000 INR Per Month

6000 INR Per Month




Order Now

Order Now

Order Now


Performance Report:-

We will provide an Excel document which summarizes the following items:-

1. Date submitted 
2. 3-month follow-up date 
3. Final/latest follow-up date 
4. URL of verified link (when attainable) 
5. Traffic report analysis on monthly basis

Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports/SERP report: -

1. We will provide an Excel document which summarizes the following items: 
2. The site URL 
3. Rank achieved 
4. Page Number on which keyword is ranking

To better understand the attention to detail provided in the promotional strategy, it is helpful for you to understand the process. During the course of the promotional campaign, we update you weekly with an email on the progress of your campaign.

Weekly Submission Reports: - 
We will provide you the weekly submission reports in excel sheet. It will contain date of submission, username, password, URL submitted and landing URL or listed URL in that particular website.


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Ranking to the Head

Having your website at top search engine ranking takes your business at top of your fields ranking. Seawind Solution provides effective Search Engine Optimization solutions in India, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries in the world which help your website rank first in the SERP.

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